Step 1. Water them until all the soil is wet ( however, do not drown them by adding too much water as this will cause rot and a short life span) 

Step 2. Leave them until the soil is completely dry (this timeline will vary depending on the humidity in their environment) 



They love the sun! Six hours of sunlight a day is optimal, however they will still live with limited sunlight.

  • Just  remember that they will fade much faster by over watering than under watering.
  •  Succulents retain water in their leaves, so even though the soil is dry they will still be drinking through the leaves.
  •  If you are unsure give your leaves a squeeze, if they are feeling soft and squishy, its probably time for step one of your care instructions. If they are nice and firm, they are still doing fine! 


  • Take your Airplants out of their environment and mist them with water once a week. Once you are done misting you may put them back into their home. 
  • Once a month take your Airplants out and put them in a water bath. To do this you can use a cup, bowl, sink etc. Fill the basin with water and let them soak for approximatly 30 - 45 minutes. Set out a towel and let them dry out before putting them back into the arrangement. 

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